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Sun-Down: Nate Newton's remarkable weight loss; Sidney Crosby's fight; Raquel Gibson; Miner's run; South Park spoofs the LeBron James ad

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Former Dallas Cowboys lineman Nate Newton has lost a remarkable 175 pounds, leaving him unrecognizable to fans familiar with the larger-than-life version.

After swelling to 400 pounds, the three-time Super Bowl champion underwent a surgical procedure called vertical gastrectomy, which removes up to 75 percent of the stomach.

Newton, who said he hasn't been this svelte since he was in 10th grade, has a hard time getting discounts and paying with a credit card because clerks don't immediately believe the transformation.

He's not entirely upset about that, though.

"Feels good," he said of the change. "You can pop out of bed; you can get up without groaning. It just feels better, lighter." ...
Fight night
Sidney Crosby is not know for dropping his gloves and fighting, but that didn't stop him from getting into it with Dallas Stars defenseman Matt Niskanen last night.

The Pittsburgh Penguins star fared pretty well in just his fifth career tussle.

Man of the Year?
Edison Pena, the Chilean miner who is running the New York Marathon, says -- apart from some minor knee pain -- he feels fine. Here's hoping he does better in Sunday's 26.2-miler than Subway spokesman Jared Fogel.

We're all sick of that guy, right?

raquel-gibson.jpgRaquel Gibson because, well, look at her.

Should they keep making LeBron spoofs?
The latest parody of the LeBron James ad comes courtesy of last night's "South Park." Some mildy NSFW language, but some seriously well-done work.

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