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Sun-Down: Kevin Garnett, Charlie Villanueva and the 'cancer patient' remark; Randy Moss finds a home; Kevin Love can't get any love; Emma Watson; Soccer player kicked in face

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charlie-villanueva-garnett-cancer.jpgNoted trash-talker Kevin Garnett may have taken it too far against Charlie Villanueva and the Detroit Pistons.

Villanueva tweeted that the Boston Celtics big man said he looked like a "cancer patient".

Villanueva, who suffers form alopecia universalis, which causes hair loss, went on to say he'd like to see Garnett in a fight.

This, of course, is not the first time that people have noticed Garnett's efforts to get under an opponent's skin. In fact, here's a full post chronicling his penchant for picking on anyone but the toughest guy on the court.

And, predictably, some are saying his tough-guy act needs to be retired ...

Moss will grow in Nashville
Randy Moss has landed with his third NFL team this season. The Tennessee Titans were the only organization brave enough to claim the finicky wide receiver off of waivers. And considering that I just wrote claiming him would be a terrible, no-good, very bad idea, he'll probably catch 10 touchdowns down the stretch, including the Super Bowl-winning one.

More awkward than when grandma learned the fist-bump
Wes Johnson, all Kevin Love wants is a to slap hands with you. Why must you make it so difficult for him?

Copehagen striker N'doye Dame learned a valuable lesson after taking a flying kick from Barcelona keeper Victor Valdes: Never try this hard again.

Hermione, known in the real, 3D world as Emma Watson, got a haircut. Drop everything. 

And finally ...
Sean Duffy, a former "Real World" cast member, won a seat in the House of Representatives with a win in Wisconsin last night. For the six of you who care, he was part of the 1997 gang of strangers thrust together in a Boston tenement.

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