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Sun-Up: Lindsey Vonn is Sharon Stone; Richard Seymour fined for punching Ben Roethlisberger, Tragedy at the Staples Center; Islanders announcer not particularly interested in the Islanders; Happy birthday, Miley Cyrus; Lawmaker tackles pivotal issue

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Gold medalist Lindsey Vonn has channeled her inner Sharon Stone for an upcoming cover of ESPN The Magazine.

Interested parties can get their hot little hands on the periodical on Friday, when it hits newsstands.

Vonn does indeed look a lot like Stone, but is missing one key element --a cigarette.

The re-creation is part of the magazine's movie edition.

Insert your own Kyle Korver-Ashton Kutcher observation here ...
Fatal fall at Staples Center
Tragedy struck minutes after the Los Angeles Lakers' win Sunday against Golden State.

A two-year-old toddler fell some 30 feet to his death after scaling the glass wall of a luxury suite.

A police officer said the child's family was taking photos and lost track of him in the moments preceding the fatal fall.

Richard Seymour fined

Good news and bad news for Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Richard Seymour.

He won't face a suspension for his punch of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger on Sunday, but he will be $25,000 lighter in the pocketbook.

The league fined Seymour, who was ejected after striking Big Ben and said he needs to be in better control of his emotions, for his actions.

Last season, the lineman was fined twice -- once for pulling the hair of an opponent and another time for a late hit.

Is this thing on?
Hey, even the New York Islanders broadcasters have trouble watching the team play.

Poor Howie Rose was caught sharing his desire to be anywhere but an Islanders game when he thought his mic was off and a commercial was running.


Really, in the pantheon of on-air blunders, this rates pretty low on the totem pole. 

Miley Cyrus turns 18 today. I guess that's pretty cool.

And finally ...
Finally, someone is addressing the crucial issues in politics ... like allowing legislators to wear hats on the House floor.

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