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Sun-Up: Randy Moss conducts his own interview; Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore's recruiting violation; Brett Favre's busted chin; Heidi Klum; Rex Grossman over Donovan McNabb?

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brady-moss.jpgRandy Moss, who was earlier fined for not cooperating with the media, conducted a press conference yesterday in which he asked himself questions, then answered them.

Or something like that. It's pretty hard to understand the inner machinations of that man's mind.

Here, read for yourself about his new philosophy:

"Well, I am going to go ahead and start this thing off. I am going to go ahead and say this - I said this a couple of weeks ago - but I got fined $25,000 for not talking to you all," Moss said after his Minnesota Vikings fell to the New England Patriots. "Me, personally, I really don't care, but at the same time, I do answer questions throughout the week, and for the league to fine me $25,000 ... I am not going to answer any more questions for the rest of this year.

"If it is going to be an interview, I am going to conduct it. So, I will answer my own questions and ask myself the questions and give you the answers. So from here on out, I am not answering any more questions the rest of this season."

Then he went on to laud former coach Bill Belichick and criticize his current coach, Brad Childress.

The confusing video after the jump ...
The Hawkeye Effect
Noted Bears fan and romantic comedy player Ashton Kutcher finds himself at the center of a recruiting-violation scandal after the University of Iowa told the NCAA two basketball recruits met the actor and wife, Demi Moore, after a football game against Iowa State earlier this year.

Iowa doesn't believe the meet-and-greet will result in anything more severe than a secondary violation and won't prohibit the recruitment of either player.

Lord only knows what penalties they'd be facing in Iowa City if they'd let the hoop stars get some face time with "The Stupids" star Tom Arnold.

Brett Favre started his 292nd straight game yesterday in New England, but didn't finish thanks to this hit from the Patriots' Myron Pryor.

The quarterback said he received eight stitches on his chin, but would be ready to go again next Sunday.

By the way, that's Thom Brennaman gushing in the video. You may recognize him from his Tim Tebow hyperbole.

No-Shave November
The time to go scruffy is now. Stop making lame excuses about being professional and the chronic itching.

heidi-klum-halloween.jpgHeidi Klum would like to wish you a belated Happy Halloween.


Detroit Rex City
The Washington Redskins lost to the woeful Detroit Lions for the second time in three seasons and, along the way, things took an unexpected turn. I guess "unexpected" is a fair word for Donovan McNabb getting benched so Rex Grossman could pilot the offense for the potential game-tying drive.

The former Bear was bested by the Lions' pass rush, fumbling away this touchdown that put the game on ice.

And finally ...
Former Portland Trail Blazer great Maurice Lucas passed away at the age of 58. Known for his fierce inside play, the power forward led the NBA-championship 1976-77 squad in scoring with 20.2 point per game and was a five-time All-Star.

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