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Sun-Down: Carrie Prejean and Kyle Boller expecting a baby; Andy Reid was a large child; Hulk Hogan's wedding bells?; Ray Rice's Twitter issue; Most painful own goal ever

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Thumbnail image for s-CARRIE-PREJEAN-KYLE-BOLLER-large.jpgHave you heard the day's biggest news? Wait for it ...

Oakland Raiders backup quarterback Kyle Boller and former Miss California Carrie Prejean are reportedly expecting their first child.

The couple will not know the sex of the baby until next week.

Boller and Prejean wed last July.

She made national headlines after being stripped of her crown after being accused of breaching her contract. He has not attempted a pass this season.

But none of that will stop this baby from having perfect, straight teeth ...

Andy Reid was the biggest kid ... ever
During Sunday's Eagles-Colts game, CBS showed this amazing clip of a young Andy Reid competing in the "Punt, Pass and Kick" competition as a 13-year-old.

The coach absolutely dwarfed his peers in size.

And after seeing his throw, it makes sense that he shifted his talents to the line by the time he got to college.

Pin it down, brother
It seems Hulk Hogan can't stay away from rings.

The wrestling legend has applied for a marriage license, according to the good people over at TMZ.

The 57-year-old tough guy is engaged to 35-year-old Jennifer McDaniel.

The Florida state license expires on January 11th.

Thanks for shaping my world view, Hulk.

Rice just being nice
As my colleague Dan Cahill pointed out the other day, athletes and Twitter always make for interesting stories.

Case in point: Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice, who posted an account of giving an autograph to a police officer who had pulled him over for excessive window tinting.

After an investigation, Baltimore county police announced today that the officer wouldn't face discipline and that there was no prid pro quo involved.

We'll wait patiently for the next 140-character-fueled hubbub.

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