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Sun-Down: Jets offer free tip to kid who got tackled; Like a Bosh; NHL GM trades own son

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Finally, an eight-year-old-gets-tackled-by-a-drunk-fan story with a happy ending. Or, at the very least, an attempt at a happy ending.

The New York Jets have offered to fly the boy, who suffered scrapes and bruises to his ankle after being taken down by an over-served Browns fan Sunday in Cleveland, out to the Meadowlands for a Gang Green game.

This violence, of course, is not the best example of Clevelanders being great people. But they are. They really are. Even Punchy.

The family declined the offer, which included some autographed merchandise, because they are "done with this story."

Like a Bosh
You can tell me that the spread of this Chris Bosh parody is NOT the reason the Miami Heat big man dropped 35 points last night, but I won't believe you.

Blood not thicker than trade waters
The following Scruples-like question faced Calgary Flames GM Darryl Sutter:

"You are the general manager of an NHL team. Your son plays on said team. Recently, he was arrested after a bar fight. The Carolina Hurricanes offer defenseman Anton Babchuk and forward Tom Kostopoulos in exchange for your son and his teammate, Ian White.

What do you do?

Today, the elder Sutter pulled the trigger on that trade.

Own goal

Jaroslav Halak would like a do-over on this.

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