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Sun-Up: Brandon Marshall tosses ball at Jay Cutler; You can't call LeBron a 'gutless punk'; Ron Artest wants to play football; I can't quit this Denzel Washington impression; Ford Fiesta is life of the party

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The Bears are for real.

Wait, that can't be right. Typing it just seemed so awkward.

But after dominating -- yes, dominating -- the Miami Dolphins last night, Lovie Smith and company sit atop the NFC Central at 7-3.

Everything went right for them.

The defense shut down "Tyler Thigpen" -- a professional quarterback, I guess. The offense was not spectacular, but extremely proficient. Robbie Gould kicked field goals with such accuracy that Matt Millen was proud to be a fellow Penn State grad.

And, of course, this exchange between Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall and Jay Cutler went down.

Perhaps it was the most enjoyable minute or so of all for some of you.

Walk proud, Chicago. You have a first-place football team for the day ...
What you shouldn't do when covering LeBron
The Miami Heat have barred Scott Raab, an Esquire writer, from receiving credentials to cover the team after an expletive-laced rant on Twitter about LeBron James.

Raab, who is writing a book on James and frequently refers to the ex-Cavalier as the "Whore of Akron," called him a "gutless punk" and a "loser" during a recent exchange on the social-networking site.

Ex-Hooiser Moye expected to be OK
Former Indiana basketball player A.J. Moye is expected to full recover after suffering a stroke.

Moye, who currently plays for the Deutsche Bank Skyliners in Germany, collided with a teammate in practice on Monday. A day later, fellow players noticed he was exhibiting strange behavior. He was taken to the hospital, where it was determined he had, in fact, had a stroke.

His agent said that Moye is showing no long-term effects.

The guard averaged 6.1 points per game while playing for the Hooisers from 2000-2004.

Making plans

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for ron-artest-injury.JPGYou're probably sitting there, wondering what Ron Artest plans to do after his current contract with the Los Angeles Lakers runs out.

Is it bullfighting? Does he want to be a professor at a community college? An accountant? A reality-television person?

No, no. It's something more sensible.

He intends to play in the NFL.

Alright, OK ...
It's my firm belief that Jay Pharoah's Denzel Washington impression is one of the best ever.

Agree? Disagree?

And finally ...
The most exciting story involving a Ford Fiesta in quite some time.

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