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Sun-Down: Trick play fail; Drogba catches malaria; Cassie Scerbo; Rollerblade recall; First basketball buzzer-beater of the year

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I guess not every trick play can be as successful as the one we brought you this morning.

For every newfangled gadget that gets air time on all the nationally-broadcast morning shows, there is one that falls flat on its face.

This, clearly, is one of those.

Not only was the back-flipping player flagged for excessive celebration, he was ejected from the game, along with his coach.
Watch out
Do you still Rollerblade? If so, you'll be devastated to know that the company is recalling about 29,000 pairs of inline skates due to loose bolts and wheels.

Be careful out there.

Don't see this too often
Chelsea striker Didier Drogba is recovering from a malady we just don't see that much of in American sports: malaria.

The Ivory Coast native played 76 minutes in a match last Wednesday, but appeared sluggish. A blood test yesterday confirmed the presence of malaria. His manager says he's already fully recovered.

Drogba, who is wildly popular in his country and continent is part of a foundation combating malaria.

Gratuitous picture of the moment

cassie-scerbo.jpgCassie Scerbo because, well, why not?

He probably called it, too

Baker University's Sam Kenney authored this ridiculous one-handed desperation heave to give his team an unlikely one-point win over Kansas Wesleyan last week.

College basketball is underway, if you didn't notice.

Someone should probably tell 20th-ranked Tennessee, which dropped a game to Division II Indianapolis by 15 points last evening.

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Jack Burton would be proud. "It's all in the reflexes".

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