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Sun-Up: Justin Bieber gets Phil Jackson's championship ring; Hannah Storm's dress; Brett Favre three times worse than any other QB and one last Boomer Sooner

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The NBA got off to a very weird start last night in Los Angeles, where the Lakers received their championship rings.

OK, in and of itself, that's not too strange. But the fact that coach Phil Jackson lent his brand-new jewelry to pop star Justin Bieber to wear during the game is a little odd. Jackson's girlfriend, Jeanie Buss, told Cheryl Miller during the TNT broadcast that she talked the Zenmaster into loaning it to the shaggy-haired crooner.

Bieber, of course, continues to live a charmed life. The kid just seems to be in the right place at the right time.

On a related note, Ron Artest is auctioning off his ring in order to raise awareness for mental health.

No early word yet on if the favor will speed up his transformation from Tom Brady to Kobe Bryant ...

Eyeing the Storm
Meanwhile, the Miami Heat opened up the floodgates for overreaction by losing their opener to the Boston Celtics, mustering just 80 points. Can they possibly overcome this one loss over the next six months before the playoffs!!!!!???? ZOMG!

Also: people who pay attention to such things have had plenty to say about the blue dress "SportsCenter's" Hannah Storm was wearing while talking to Ray Allen.

You'll remember that Tony Kornheiser was suspended by the ESPN for making comments about Storm's outfits back in February.

She's a personal hero of mine (and Kramer's) for attempting to bring back the Puffy Shirt.

Not measuring up

It's no secret that Brett Favre has been a shell of himself this year. But that doesn't make the fact that, statistically, he's been three times worse than any other quarterback any less disappointing. Bears fans probably know without looking who is second-to-last on that list.

This soccer celebration shames anything Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens have done.

Breaking: Vanity license plates are cool?
Massachusetts state Representative Karyn Polito and her crew have the inside track on low-numbered Red Sox vanity license plates. Evidently, these are a symbol of status in the state. Ben Affleck paid $50,000 for the No. 1 and Ted Williams' No. 9 fetched $140,000.

People associated with Polito own 68 of the first 100 plates issued. "Hey, what gives?," ask some watchdog journalists.

Remember this?
Way better than the LeBron commercial.

SNL (Cookie Dough) por acervotv no

And finally ...
Convicted killer Jeffrey Landrigan was executed in Arizona last night, but not before uttering one last "Boomer Sooner."

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1 Comment

Just more proof of the hypocrasy of our liberal PC world.

Women get away with murder(attire wise) compared to men in nearly every line of work, and nobody can say a word or risk getting suspended, squewered or fired.

Very guy on ESPN has to wear a suit, Storm a 50 year old woman(she looks great for her age, but I am not sure the outfit is age appropriate either) is wearing 60's miniskirts and go-go boots, go figure

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