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Shouldn't you be helping Drew Brees name his baby?

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You're probably sitting there, trying to find meaning in this crazy life.

It's Monday. That's just what people do.

What if I told you there's a way to leave a lasting impact on this planet? What if I told you that you have the chance to help Drew Brees name his baby?

The New Orleans Saints quarterback who melted hearts everywhere by appearing with his son Baylen after winning last February's Super Bowl took to Twitter for help.

"My wife is due any day now with baby boy #2. We have a few names picked out but haven't decided yet. Looking for "b" names. Suggestions?"

I like Bert, Bart and Bucky, but am sure you all can do better.

Hit up @drewbrees with your best baby names.

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Braden Bradley Brody Brooks Bevin Brax


benjamin brees !! best of luck congrats~~~~~~~~

I suggested this name on Air1 radio station "Brighen" not brighten. Thanks for your consideration

I would say braxton would be my fav b name for a boy....hope this helps

I Know it sounds somewhat CCorny, But How does Balmy Breese sound?
There are worse names in The NFL and elsewhere!

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