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Shannon Brown is engaged to Monica -- report

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Los Angeles Lakers guard Shannon Brown is following in the footsteps of teammate Lamar Odom, at least when it comes to pursuing a high-profile relationship.

The 24-year-old former Michigan State standout is reportedly engaged to singer Monica, 29, according to Us Weekly. Odom tied the knot with Khloe Kardashian last year.

The "Boy Is Mine" vocalist tweeted a picture of her enormous engagement ring as proof over the weekend.

In case you were too busy studying assist-to-turnover ratios to pay attention to such things, Brown starred as Monica's love interest in the video for her song "Love All Over Me."

On the court, Brown's made quite the name for himself with high-flying dunks and two championship rings in his young career.

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Monica and shannon I wish them the best .Don't worry about haters i only knew my husband three months before we got married and we have been together ten years and still very happily married. What God puts together stays together through all the ups and downs God Bless!!!!!

I agree with Veronica. I am so happy for these two and I am tired of people hating on their relationship. What they have seems real and I wish them the best together in the future. They both seem so cool and down to earth.

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