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Not breaking: Cliff Lee is really, really good

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Cliff Lee continued his postseason dominance last night in the Bronx, throwing eight scoreless innings and striking out 13 as the Texas Rangers took a 2-1 series lead over the New York Yankees.

The lefthander won his third game in as many starts this month, lowered his ERA to 0.75 and improved his career playoff mark to 7-0. He also became the first player to ever record three 10-plus strikeout performances in the same playoff campaign.

In short, he upped his value as a free agent exponentially -- and it was already high to begin with.

The New York Times has some numbers to prove just how historic an outing Lee turned in -- considering it was in the playoffs against the Yankees. Among the eye-brow-raisers:

* It was only the fourth time in the playoffs since 1903 that a pitcher had recorded 13 strikeouts, allowed two or fewer hits and pitched at least eight innings.

* It was the first time a pitcher who worked more than six innings had ever held the Yankees to as few as three base runners.
Remarkably enough, it may have only been the third-best performance by a pitcher this postseason. Roy Halladay's no-hitter and Tim Lincecum's strikeout-fest in the divisional round were arguably better.

Unless I'm wrong. Am I wrong?

Either way, it seems extremely appropriate that the year of the pitcher would extend deep into October.

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Lee only has two walks all postseason. That's crazy.

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