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Look at this amazing Tiger Woods photo

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This is for every amateur photographer who has ever strapped on their Nikon, hellbent on snapping some indelible image that will stand the test of time.

Nothing you ever do will measure up to this photo.

Daily Mail photographer Mark Pain captured this errant shot from Tiger Woods just before it crashed into his camera Sunday.

After smacking into the lens, the ball struck Pain's chest before coming to rest at his feet. Apparently, neither Woods nor caddie Steve Williams had a problem with Pain's positioning.

The shot's execution? Well, that's another story.

The image, which is making the rounds -- in fact, check your inbox, someone may have already forwarded it to you -- is full of fun eye-spys.


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i saw this happening on T.V.

Check out the dude with the cigar ??? haha

I love the guy to the right of the picture with the cigar. Looks like Cheech!

That guy has to be photoshopped. Amazing

To bad the only good shot was the picture. The golf shot was a shank that went about 10 feet.

The guy with the cigar IS photoshopped! Look at the small, light-brown spot over the man's left shoulder. That is the background to the picture he was taken from. It wasn't cut out correctly. I hope people recognize this.

Danny unfortunately the photo is real and has not been photoshopped. Proof of that can be seen in the link. Notice our cigar toting male behind Tiger. Maybe next time.

Look at old guy 4th from the left. His hand is in the cameramans pocket. lol

Check out cigar guy and other funny photos at

I am also saw this happening on T.V. Danny unfortunately the photo is real and has not been photo shopped. Very nice.

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