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Sun-Up: Will Brett Favre start?; Dwight Howard releases album; Marisa Miller; Another announcer freaks out

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favre-childress-play.jpgBrett Favre's streak of 291 straight starts is in serious jeopardy as Minnesota Vikings coach Brad Childress is reportedly leaning toward starting Tavaris Jackson against the New England Patriots on Sunday.

As of now, the hobbled 41-year-old quarterback is planning on playing through a stress fracture in his left ankle and, lower on the same leg, a fractured heel.

OK, show of hands: who is rooting for Favre to play, who is rooting for an epic on-field confrontation when Favre wants to play but isn't allowed and who is rooting to never hear about this guy again?

Think I know which option is going to win ...
Big men also sing
Orlando Magic center and trick-shot enthusiast Dwight Howard has released a children's album called "Shoot for the Stars." On it, the center covers hits by Michael Jackson, The Black Eyed Peas, Harry Belafonte and MC Hammer.

Howard admits that while he can sing, his musical game does have a flaw.

He can't rap.

It's a refreshing admission, but one that hasn't exactly stopped others.

A portion of the proceeds from the album will go toward an Orlando-based charity.

If you simply can't get enough of Howard's pipes, there's this commercial with "The Hangover" star Ken Jeong to placate you.

Nuts and bolts
While it doesn't rate quite as high on the insanity meter as the FAU meltdown from earlier in the week, these high school announcers in Massachusetts seem displeased that this play was not ruled a fumble.

They have a point -- and elevated blood pressure.

2010_1022_Abington_vs_Rockland_Touchdown_Nullified from Norm Caseley on Vimeo.

Booze on the brain?
Do the smart thing this weekend and drink some alcohol.

A new study finds that intelligent children drink more than their less-sharp counterparts. Or maybe the playing field just levels out and we all meet in the middle.

marissa-miller.jpgOut of their League
Marisa Miller could really be the spokesperson for anything and I'd buy, but selling the NFL to the English? Good luck.

And finally ...
The NBA has forbidden players from wearing their headbands upside down. Rajon Rondo, arguably the best player to sport this look, has apparently abandoned wearing a headband completely.

Got to admire him taking a stance.

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Who cares, I'm sick of Favre and his drama queen act.

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