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Sun-Down: Nothing funnier than NFL pregame; Reporter catches Giants fans smoking; The politicization of LeBron James; Vladimir Putin's 'black eye'; Patriots have serious Bieber obsession

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The funniest thing on television is not "30 Rock" or "Modern Family."

It's the Fox NFL pregame show -- at least if you go by the amount of time the guys on set spend laughing.

An analysis by the Wall Street Journal of the football lead-in programs in Week 5 found that Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and the gang spent 2 minutes and 22 seconds chuckling, guffawing or tee-heeing. Compare this with 43 seconds of air time over at CBS.

The laughs on Fox accounted for 11.6 percent of the time the guys were on-air together.

Bradshaw gets the Sore Abs Award for 92.4 seconds of total snickering.

This highly-developed sense of humor, of course, comes as no surprise to anyone who saw the very underrated "Failure to Launch" ...
'They're smoking weed!'
The San Francisco Giants are three wins away from the franchise's first world championship since 1954 and all people can talk about is ... marijuana?

OK, I guess I am part of the problem.

Dallas NBC reporter Newy Scruggs got a little distracted by some fans during his live stand-up on Wednesday, when his olfactory system was working overtime.

Dazed and confused by what he claims was recreational drug use in his immediate vicinity, Scruggs was still bravely able to take a shot at New York City.

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James addiction
LeBron James has unwittingly taken his talents to the Ohio political arena, where he's part of an attack mail piece targeting Attorney General Richard Cordray. The packet is being sent out by Americans United for Safe Streets.

"Florida took Lebron. What did we get in return?" the literature's cover reads. Continued inside, it answers: "They sent us 92 illegal guns and gun-toting criminals. And Richard Cordray is letting them do it."

Face of a nation
Did Vladimir Putin have plastic surgery? Did he get popped in the face while doing judo? An apparently black eye and heavy has spurred on speculation.

Who wore it better?
The New England Patriots seem to be embroiled in some weird hair obsession this season. Tom Brady told a Boston reporter that wide receiver Julian Edelman looks more like Justin Beiber than he does.

You'll remember that later-disputed report that Brady and the departed Randy Moss had almost come to blows over a hair-and-beard tussle earlier this year.

Of less consequence, the 5-1 Pats look to be firing on all cylinders.

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