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What to make of Brad Childress' postgame comments?

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As if Brett Favre needed any more drama added to his plate, comments made by his coach, Brad Childress, after the Minnesota Vikings fell to the Green Bay Packers last night have many speculating that there could be trouble between the two.

Speaking about Favre, who threw three interceptions in the 28-24 defeat, Childress expressed disappointment with some of the signal-caller's decision-making.

You can't throw it to them, you've got to play within the confines of our system," he said. "Sometimes it's OK to punt the football. You can't give seven points going the other way, not in a game like this."

One of Favre's two third-quarter picks was returned for a touchdown by the Packers' Desmond Bishop. The play reportedly was supposed to go to the other side of the field, where Percy Harvin was open.

Favre agreed that, looking at the play in hindsight, he may have made a poor decision. But he also pointed out that if he knew which receiver was going to be open on every play, his job would be a lot easier.

So mountain out a molehill, or something more serious brewing up there in Minnesota?

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Mr Childress needs a reality check. The only reason I watched
the game last night is because Mr Brett Favre is playing. And I was not disappointed. If Mr Harvin had toe tapped when he caught that great play, we would not be having this conversation. Keep on playing Mr Favre. You have given us a great year. I saw that Jet game and loved it. It is not all about winning. It is more about great plays. Look at Mr Brees. He is having a bad year. But no one is giving him the grief that Mr Favre is getting from his couch and the press. But I and millions of viewers are so pleased with Mr. Favre's tenacity. I am a Steeler fan. But I love watching a good game. And Mr Brett Favre has never disappointed me. I was disappointed in Green Bay for not allowing him to come back. As for
Mr Childress: Do you think you would have as good a season without Mr Favre. I am going to answer that one for you. No! Your player know it and so does your fans. Work on your defense and offensive line.
This man is getting sack and hurt because your lines are letting him down. Run the tape. When Mr Moss was upset with you for having no gumption last night, I was in agreement. Ah you will probably have it out with him. But Mr Moss knows football and it takes a good line and gust to win. Mr Favre and Mr Moss know football. Take a lesson sir. You are out of your league. I see their name in the Football Hall Of Fame.

Mr. Childress is out of his league (as Walter Solcheck, aka John Goodman in Big Lebowski) would say. Then would tell him shut the #*+& up! Look at Childress career. His coaching and coordinator experience is limited.

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