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Watch the Ohio Bobcat mascot attack Brutus Buckeye

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Ohio University may have gone down 43-7 against their more successful in-state rivals Saturday, but not everyone associated with the team went without a fight.

The Bobcat mascot attacked Brutus the Buckeye twice during the early stages of the game, kicking off an impromptu wrestling match between two students in hot, presumably sweaty costumes.

A warning to anyone brave enough to watch the footage: It's just downright savage. Mascot-on-mascot crime is never OK.

Today, Ohio is apologizing for the student's actions. Apparently light assault isn't an antic included in the script for the mascot-inhabitants.

The student wearing the costume has been stripped of the privilege forever.

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What a little punk trying to sneak up on him,twice Brutus should have kicked the crap out of him, he is lucky that the Buckeyes showed a little sportsmanship and class. I wish a football player had winged the Bobcat that would teach him, but they wouldn't do that.

Its the only hit the Bobcats put on the Buckeyes all day!!

Both of these teams are form Ohio, That only means they are full of a bunch of pussies! what a lame video!

Serves them right for stealing the O-H-I-O chant.

I was at the game in the student section by the band and we all thought it was staged. Of course, none of us had ever seen anything like it before, but we thought maybe the two guys in the costumes knew each other and wanted it to look like there was a rivalry between the mascots. From our vantage point we didn't get to see the Bobcat get escorted away by security. It's actually quite hilarious.

Go Bucks!

Suck it O-State!

Yep, because any Buckeye can kick the crap out of any other fan of any school, and I'm sure the football players probably though it was hilarious that there was mascot on mascot violence.

Ohio University - THE First and THE Finest, since 1804

It was just plain funny. The funniest thing I have seen in forever. Not sure what made the Bobcat do it, but funny. In the stands we didn't really know what was going on at first, but I LAUGHED!

Good stuff! I love the plan by the Bobcat, but Brutus did shed the tackle at the 35 and dance right into the end zone.

LOL - I love the way Brutus shook him off at first, then brushed his shoulders off, ROFLMAO!

LOL - I love the way Brutus shook him off at first, then brushed his shoulders off, ROFLMAO!

I think that's awesome! The buckeye is the most idiotic mascot in sports. Brutus should have gotten his $&* kicked years ago, along iwht whoever created it. Buckeyes? Seriously?

Brutus took the high road for sure, but where were those male cheerleaders? Couldn't one of those dudes have defended Brutus' honor? It's tough to see out of that giant Buckeye head. Can a brother get a little help?

This is SO freakin' funny! The only way it could possibly be funnier is if it were that dorky leprechaun from South Bend! Now if it were Sebastian, well no, that wouldn't be funny at all, picking on an ibis. But this - this is hilarious!

I personally commend Brutus for taking the high road. Mascots are big business in Professional sports and many of them make a half million dollars per year. If your stopped dead in tracts like the Ohio State University mascot has been by being let go, you would not even have a chance to go professional; if that is what you aspire to after college. Many mascots actually receive full scholorship with the college they perform at. I have no idea if that is the case with Ohio University mascot, but if it your scholorship would be a huge financial lost.

What'sa matter? Did my comments offend you? Were they inappropriate in some way?

Proud to be a Bobcat! I just wish the football team tackled as well as Rufus!

Ohio U---we are just a bunch of punk's in OSU's eyes and that's just fine. A great moment for the oldest and coolest sdhool in Ohio!

Go Bobcats!

Put me with the, "It was hilarious," crowd. I must have laughed out loud at least 50 times yesterday thinking about this Bobcat mascot running after the other mascot with such eagerness. Still, there's something to say about Hanning planning this for more than a year. Larry King, give this guy 10 - 15 minutes.

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