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Unfortunately for Dennis Rodman, this thing was on -- report

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dennis-rodman-sex.JPGDennis Rodman gave some guests at a party in the Hamptons over the weekend a thrill when he accidentally broadcast a liaison with six women, courtesy of a microphone in his pocket.

Rodman, who had "a few drinks in him," according to his agent, apparently forgot to turn the device off after making some shout-outs earlier in the night. This allowed the partygoers to hear him describing his hopes and dreams to the harem of women, according to today's report in the New York Post.

One has to assume he wasn't discussing the finer points of boxing out or even the triangle offense.

The party's organizers cut off the feed before things got too out of hand.

Recently, Rodman claimed to have been intimate with over 2,000 women, so, yeah, he's on a roll.

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