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Texas high school quarterback dies after collapsing during game

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Reggie Garrett, a high school quarterback from Texas, died last night after collapsing on the sidelines during a game.

The West Orange-Stark senior was unresponsive as he was taken off the field midway through the second quarter and was pronounced dead at the hospital shortly after.

Garrett's coach, Dan Hooks, said his player appeared to suffer a seizure. He had just thrown his second touchdown pass of the night before collapsing.

"I saw him come off the field, and he was kind of, 'Yay, good shot.' He was happy," Hooks said. "That was all. There wasn't any major reaction."

Word about his death reached the stadium as the two teams finished the game, but the players hoped it was just a rumor.

Garrett was a two-year varsity starter.

Sad, sad news.

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I am praying for this family with the sudden death of their incredible son. I agree there should be an autopsy performed. Their son might have had the affliction without knowing it called Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndrome (SADS) I hope that this is a wake up call to all school administrators to have an AED Automated External Defibrillator on or near the field of play to avert and avoid such a disasterous and sad event. Please keep us posted Mr. Koster.


My heart goes out to the family. This is so sad, and he was a straight a student.

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