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Rolando McClain's ridiculous tackle video

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Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain demonstrated a new and particularly violent way to tackle in yesterday's game against the St. Louis Rams.

McClain debuted his own version of the takedown suplex on Danny Amendola, who weighs in at a paltry 185 pounds. For his efforts, the rookie received widespread internet notoriety and a 15-yard personal foul penalty.

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My only complaint is that he wasted this on a WR. A QB would have been much better the first time out. Now the officials will be spotlighting him...he'll probably get ejected the next time he does something like this. But then again he is a Raider. They're always spotlighting them anyways...

AWESOME!!!! There should NOT have been a penalty called on that!! This is tackle football isn't it??

I guess the NFL teams should go to wearing little "yellow" velcro flags around their waist so they won't get tackled.

You idiots, this game is a game and reality, not NFL blitz crap. Obviously, neither of you have coached or officiated sports. When you talk about body slamming people and letting it go, you are messing with their lives, health and earning potential. McCain should be suspended for a flagrant foul and fined an obscene amount of money. Any Bear fan can remember the cheap body slam that McMahon took in '86 that cost that team any shot of back-to-back titles. Get your heads out of the video games!

Bill Roidarowski would be proud.

This used to be a legal tackle until they started putting the players in skirts. Its sad, they have ruined the game. What's next, semi-touch?

Two Steelers did the same thing to Vince Young yesterday. Of course they were Steelers so no flag was thrown. Go figure?

I like the tackle weither it was a foul or not. It makes a big statement to the rest of the team. Start playing hard and make plays or get off the field. Intimidation is everything on the field and with Rolondo making plays like this...the zebras can sort everything out.

I don't think it's out of line. He tackled the guy...

Someone call the whaaaaambulance for Ray A.!!!

@Ray..... before you gocalling people idiots you should have your facts straight. This tackle was on a guy still trying to advance and NO whistle had blown. It's tackle football Nancy-Ray not touch. Go back to your knitting and shut up!

i am a big raider fan, probably the biggest actually, i think that tackle completely motivated the defense and i absolutely loved the tackle/bodyslam, i have played football all the way up through college and I can tell you that hit was legal, he didnt drop him on the head he through him on his side, it was a little over the top as far astackles go ( no pun intended) but he needed to make a statement, he is a rookie and now he is getting looks... best part of the video is when tyvon bronch of the raiders looks at him right after the tackle scared to even pat him on the back....

Ray A. is absolutely right. You guys that are promoting this type of play are absolute morons that should stick to the WWF, not the NFL. No one will scream about a legal "Jacked-up" textbook hit where you drive your shoulder through someone, but this is dangerous and malicious. If this kid lands just a little bit more to the side with his arm caught under him then your looking at a grotesquely mangled arm; a little bit more of a downward angle and he could have snapped his neck realistically resulting in death, or at the very least leaving him paralyzed. Good god, how can anyone support this. If you do, you are not football fans, your simply fans of blood. Get over yourselves.

comments left on this forum is sad..except for Ray A. This is awesome until Ronaldo breaks someones arm/leg/ribs or neck and that player dies....sigh...

if he dropped him on his head thats one thing, but threw him down on his shoulder/side. no suspension, no fine, no flag, its football. you should have to be tough to play this sport.

Great shot by McClain, worth every cent he is fined. Cable should pay the fine because he finally got a defensive player with a little spunk!!

Hey Ray A. Don't talk to us about cheap shots. The Raiders had the entire league beat once again when that fat puke Sarablubberass cheap shotted Gannon and trashed his sternum in the playoffs. Then two years latter Gannon got his neck broke by a cheap shot that cost him his carer! It's football and guys get excited...

Hey RAIDER FOOTBALL makes a comeback! This is a man's game. If you don't like it don't watch. He would fit in with Alzado, The stork and of course George Atkinson. GO RAIDERS!!

Ray A. shut up, that is an old school raider tackle right there if you have ever coached or been a ref it must have been pee wee level. as a former player and current coach that is a violent tackle that will scare wide outs forever

For those of you who think this should be illegal, being slammed like this is not as bad as being hit by the players like Ray Lewis and othe LBs and SSs. Players wear a Helmet and pads. I've been slammed like this in pads before and it ain't the worst way to get tackled. (I was also a real wrestler, not wwe). I agree with most that, though it looks violent, it should not be prohibited.

Rolando was doing what this game was made on. The amount of yellow flags is ridiculous. This is a sport for men. Get on with it.

This is simply beautiful! A one armed suplex just looked fantastic, the Raiders need standout hits and big tackles like this to get them jacked up. We need our guys like Mitchell, Kelly, Groves and McClain to play past the whistle like the old skool Raiders. Set a high intensity level and when some f**ckin' games!

@ Ray - These men get paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS.. not to pussy foot around and not get injured.. "Earning potential"? Really? You get paid anything over a half a million dollars to do anything in a year, I don't care one damn bit if you get injured... thats the REASON you make that much money. Yes, in high school football or something where they are not getting paid.. hell maybe even college.. but these are GROWN MEN, playing in the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. Its time to HIT someone, its how the game became great. Earning potential? Hits like that RAISE Rolando's earning potential because it shows he has HEART and AGGRESSION. Fundamentals of football there. I assume you don't ref football, especially since you said "flagrant"..

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