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Report: Nick Collins in altercation with Soldier Field fan

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Green Bay safety Nick Collins was involved in a post-game altercation with a fan at Soldier Field, according to a report from Fox 6 Sports in Milwaukee.

The station says it has video of the incident, but can't air it until later in the day due to NFL restrictions.

Through a series of tweets, the station claims Collins was "provoked by a Bears fan" and proceeded to throw something at the offending party -- possibly a roll of tape.

He was then reportedly restrained by Packers wide receiver Donald Driver.

Off-camera in the locker room, Collins said the fan used a racial slur and apologized to all fans for his actions, according to the station.

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Well, I'm sure the Bears fan deserved it...

And this comment is coming from a Bears fan. Who's attended games here in Chicago and also a couple at Lambeau Field.

But as far as I'm concerned a few things should be off-limits, first being your family, second your heritage and so on...

Hope he does not get a bunch of fines etc over this, and if anyone captured this on video I hope the "Fan" comments are captured too.

Already playing the race card to try and blunt his punishment from the league. Nice, Nick. Nice.

Ahhh the racial slur card...

That's too bad. We'd see a lot fewer incidents if beer weren't sold at the field, but that'll never happen.

I know Nick Collins and his family. They are well-liked and respected in our small community where he grew up and the generations before him. He has never played the race card and has never needed to. He isn't that kind of person. I am white....

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