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Matt Diaz tackles fan in red bodysuit during Braves-Phillies game

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Last night in Philadelphia, Atlanta Braves left fielder Matt Diaz identified the problem, then he solved it.

The results were hilarious.

Diaz brought down a man dressed completely in a red, spandex suit -- think cousin of Green Man -- with a well-timed trip as security pursued the rule-breaker.

You'll recall earlier this year, a 17-year-old fan was taken down with a policeman's Taser after deciding to run on the field. After that, the team announced security would be responsible for nabbing geniuses who run on the field and turning them over to police.

Clearly, Matt Diaz > security.

I saw this idiot coming right at me," he said. "I figured he'd be better off getting tripped than Tased."

Diaz received a standing ovation from the crowd and high-fives from his teammates upon entering the dugout.

The fan, well, probably suffered far worse repercussions from the incident.

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LOL!! What a great Spandex body suit

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