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Jaguar drops Stephanie Rice after homophobic tweet

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stephanie-rice.jpgJaguar has dumped Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice as a spokeswoman after she posted a homophobic slur on her Twitter account over the weekend.

Rice, who made waves at the Beijing Olympics, had been shilling for the car company since the beginning of the year.

The controversy came after Rice, celebrating Australia's rugby victory over South Africa, tweeted, "Suck on that f**gots."

The 22-year-old subsequently deleted the tweet and apologized, but apparently it wasn't enough for Jaguar. 

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I'm confused. Which one of them is the homophobe ?

Better for Stephanie then, she doesn't need to be brought down by such borish tight wads.

Recently, the Association of Surfing Professionals ran two pre-recorded pieces with their professional athletes using "gay" in a derogatory way - broadcast around the world so millions of children could see it. On the first offense, I contacted the International Media Manager for ASP International, Dave Prodan, and to his credit he responded immediately and apologized, making the producers bleep the word in the piece with a rooster crow.

Only a few days later, however, while watching the live broadcast of the event I saw another pre-recorded piece play while the surfers waited between set waves. In this piece a surfer explains that a short video of him that went viral on the internet claiming he hates children is "gay", negative connotation, not factual.

Please join me (and others you may know) in sending an email to so that his athletes stop using and his producers stop broadcasting the word "gay" in this manner.

stephanie rice is my role model and i wish she would calm down and gt on with her life as an amazing a swimmer myself it is a great sport and if i were her i wouldn't want to lose it or my sponsors

Unfortunately, the Association of Surfing Professionals also allows their professional athletes to use "gay" in a derogatory way - broadcast around the world so millions of children could see it. This was the second offense after I had already contacted their International Media manager, Dave Prodan, about a similar piece that had run earlier.

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