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Florida's Chris Rainey arrested for aggravated stalking

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Florida Gators wide receiver Chris Rainey has been charged with aggravated stalking after allegedly sending a threatening text message to an on-again-off-again girlfriend.

"Time to die," the message read, according to Gainesville police.

An officer stated that the woman fell asleep, missing a call from Rainey, who then showed up at her home and was told to leave, precipitating the text.

Rainey has 10 receptions this year for Urban Meyer's squad.

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"Time to Die" wow, sounds like it time to find a new woman. IF a guy is that concerned over a missed phone call sounds like he's really insecure. Chris, if you lost your girl...she wasnt yours to begin with. Trust me, there are PLENTY of females in Florida for you to be involved with. Dont let one female get under your skin to the point where you are about to throw your career away!

"We will hear the case and the circumstances and make a decision as to what charges, if any, are appropriate to achieve as quickly as possible, but no decision will be this week," Cervone told Florida Today. Chris Rainey Arrested

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