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Brandon Spikes video an 'embarrassing situation' for rookie

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for brandon-spikes-eye-gouge.jpgThe NFL is looking into a video of New England Patriots rookie linebacker Brandon Spikes engaging in sexual acts with a woman that's been posted and is circulating about the Web.

Spikes' behavior may not exactly be in line with the league's personal conduct policy.

The video was initially offered to Deadspin by an anonymous e-mailer. After the gang over there balked at the $1,500 price tag associated with such salacious footage, it found a home elsewhere and, as you might imagine, spread quickly.

Spikes' agent, Terry Watson, described it as an "embarrassing situation."

"It was something that occurred before he became an NFL draftee and a New England Patriot. I think for anyone it would be an embarrassing situation," Watson said. "Brandon has shown to many people the kind of person he is before and after being drafted in the second round. He's hoping to put this behind him and looks forward to having a great football season."

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1 Comment

This guy was a thug punk down in Gainesville and it comes an no surprise he is trouble up there in Boston...

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