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Boise State's win kicks off inevitable national-championship debate

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Well, now we have a big mess on our hands. Or, at least, we probably will after Boise State rallied with this final drive to edge Virginia Tech 33-30 in the season opener last night.

The Broncos, perennial Cinderellas, came in ranked #3 and this promised to be far and away their most difficult game on the schedule.

Test passed.

So, thanks to Kellen Moore, Austin Pettis and Doug Martin, we'll be privy to the "do they-don't they deserve to be in the national title game" debate -- barring a stumble along the way.

There's no denying that Boise State is a talented, cohesive and gritty team. Moore is a legitimate star and calling the Broncos upstarts isn't really accurate anymore. Still, a cream-puffy schedule just doesn't care the same gravitas as those played by the "big boys" in the power conferences.

Admittedly, it's early. But why not ask? If Boise State wins out, do you see them playing for the title? More importantly, should they?

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Boise State absolutely belongs in the discussion about the title game if they finish undefeated. It's not fair to hold their conference affiliation against them. If they were invited to join the Pac-10 or Big 12, they would jump at the opportunity. In the meantime, they can only beat the teams in front of them, and they have scheduled their out-of-conference games as aggressively as they could. The Virginia Tech win was a road trip of 2,400 miles to play in front of what was basically a Hokies home crowd against a legitimate Top Ten team. Test passed. If the SEC and Big Ten champs are both undefeated, I would expect to see them reach the title game over Boise State. That's still not fair, as we don't get to see what would happen if they settled it on the field, but it's a justifiable outcome under the current system. If the Broncos are undefeated and nobody else is, however, the shot at the title should be theirs.

This is Sooo Awesome......The musical strains are so catchy...makes the heart dance! .... & the joy & enthusiasm of students ....
Choked up!!
It's Cinderella's Year to go to the Ball......Game!

Can you possibly tell me the name of this song????

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