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Video: Cardinals and Reds bench-clearing brawl

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The Reds and Cardinals, already fighting for the NL Central crown, got into a real donnybrook last night in Cincinnati.

Hey, this is the kind of thing that's bound to happen when one player calls the other team a collective bunch of "little b-----s."

That quote, authored by Reds' Brandon Phillips, obviously didn't sit too well with Yadier Molina. The Cardinals catcher gave the outspoken second baseman a piece of his own mind as he stepped into the box, causing all hell to break loose.

Such passion, such drama.

Sort of makes us wish the Cubs were still a relevant player in this division, no?

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Hey dumb ass announcer, your dumb ass batter hit him on the chin guard. If i was Molina i would have beat his ass instead of jaw jacking.

Brandon Pjhillips should have been the one thrown out of the game and suspended for his arrogant bull. These guys think they are something special, send him packing

Molina kicked his bat you jerk off!

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