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TMZ blows lid of Shaquille O'Neal-Hoopz orange juice incident

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shaquille-oneal-orange-juice-hoopz.jpgGrainy, Bigfoot-like footage of new Boston Celtics big man Shaquille O'Neal getting his grub on at a Tennessee Waffle House has surfaced. Now, Shaq eating isn't exactly news, but the good people over at TMZ -- through well-places sources at the eatery -- tell us this meal was full of deception and intrigue.

It seems O'Neal's companion, identified as Hoopz of "Flavor of Love" fame, took the opportunity to dump salt into his orange juice while he was freshening up in the bathroom. Upon returning, the star of "Shazaam" took a big hearty swig of the vile mix. Always one to see the lighter side, O'Neal laughed it off and resumed his meal of scrambled eggs, cheese and a waffle without incident.

Perhaps O'Neal now has the answer to that question he famously posed in rap to Kobe Bryant.

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1 Comment

Why have you got to make such a big deal out of nothing? The man has to eat just like us all. Leave him alone just because hes a round here doesnt mean you have to bother him. Whats next ask how everything came when he goes to the restroom?

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