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Tim Tebow throws first NFL touchdown

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tim tebow.JPGTim Tebow got into the box score last night, throwing is first preseason touchdown as the Denver Broncos breezed to a 34-17 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Google Trend staple completed five out of 10 passes for 72 yards, including a 3-yard scoring toss to Eric Decker. He also threw an interception, but his performance seemed to be enough to move him into the No. 2 quarterback on the Broncos roster, according to the Denver Post.

If that is indeed the case, we're one small Kyle Orton injury from full-blown Tebow mania. Plan accordingly.

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now how many of you guys out there still think that Tebow is not ready for the NFL...........all i have heard is HE IS NOT NFL MATERIAL................well..............think again.......Go TEBOW

Tim is going to suprise a lot of talking heads. He's a tremendous athlete with an abundance of talent. I see him being superstar as an NFL QB . . .

Tebow looked great last night! The quarterback interview section during halftime really showed that Tebow is not out there to grab the top spot...but, his play showed that he is fully capable if the need arises. His day will come, and he will be a driving force when it does!

Great to read the posts. He will be exceptional and is a credit to his family and will pay back to all of us with his great works for charity.Go Tim


Tim Tebow is a leader, tenacious competitor and a winner...he was at Florida, and he'll be the same as a Bronco. I believe he will be an all-pro quarterback within 3-4 years and lead them to the Super Bowl.

Haha, we finally see Tebow's greatness on the NFL field.

Haha, Tebow is really becoming one of the best quarterbacks in MLB.

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