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Shanna McLaughlin's racy UCF photo shoot makes us ready for some football

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shanna-mclaughlin.jpgUniversity of Central Florida officials aren't so pleased with a recent photo-op with Playboy Playmate Shanna McLaughlin that took place in the football locker room.

The racy, but not too racy photos appeared on the website of Axis magazine, which chronicles nightlife in Orlando. A video of the posing and snapping brought the issue to light on Saturday.

Head coach George O'Leary, whose resume already includes some controversy, told the Orlando Sentinel that he was the one who gave the OK for the photo shoot

"I approved the magazine," O'Leary told a Sentinel reporter after practice ended Saturday. "The guy called my office and basically wanted to know if they could do a magazine shoot.

There was a UCF girl who had her MBA and all that. And the only thing I asked is, 'Is that a magazine that is distributed on campus?' And they said, 'Yes.' They've done I think four, since I've been here at least four, initial copies of football [previews] opening up the football season."

O'Leary said he was shown a copy of the magazine cover.

"Eh, it's not what I expected, but I don't think there's anything outlandish on the thing. I never saw the video."

You may recognize McLaughlin, I mean, not recognize her as Playboy's Miss July 2010.

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Kyle Koster may be one of the most boring bloggers...ever.

Someone has a problem with THIS photo??? UCF doesn't want their students to be beautiful? There are racier magazine covers in the grocery store check-out lane (for example any model in a bikini for those special spring issues). Also, she's a graduate of the University, they should be supporting her and congratulating her!!! She's more successful than the jealous members of the administrative staff leaps and bounds. She's a role model for other students because like most Playboy Playmates she's showing a woman can be intelligent, successful, in charge of her career and not lose her femininity. None of the women on the administrative staff at UCF can claim that (to be fair I'm not sure one can lose their femininity if they never had it to begin with). Universities have nude models in their art department so this is really hypocritical.

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