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Ryan Howard's cheerleader girlfriend in hot water for missing practices?

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ryan-howard-krystle-campbell.jpgForget Brett Favre and his on-going soap opera. The real drama this morning is apparently in Philadelphia, where Ryan Howard's girlfriend and Eagles cheerleader Krystle Campbell upset her fellow dancers by missing practices to be with the rehabbing slugger.

The Philadelphia Daily News reports that Campbell did not tell her coaches why she was missing the practices while she accompanied Howard to his hometown of St. Louis on July 19-22. Cheerleaders are only supposed to miss sessions if they are ill or there is a death in their family.

Campbell won't face any disciplinary action for her absences, although M.I.A. cheerleaders have been forced to work in the luxury suites instead of performing on the field in similar instances.

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Who the F U C K cares???? We ain't in that shiitthole Philadelphia so why is this news?!

Ummm...was that a prostitution reference at the end there?

Deeeez - You are just a hater living in a city where they don't win MLB Championships.

I don't care. She is a good woman and an inspiration to my daughter and her fellow students. I am glad she went with her heart. That story just taught my daughter a valuable lesson. That love for anyone is more important in life. Life is too short for that bs! Thanks Ms. Campbell!

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