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Report: Tiger Woods moves into New York City apartment

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tiger-woods-scandal.jpgTiger Woods has moved into a Manhattan apartment just days after finalizing his divorce with Elin Nordergren, according to a report from Us Weekly.

Last Monday, Woods and Nordegren's marriage of almost six years officially ended in a Florida courtroom, the end product of what has been a tumultuous nine months since the golfer's Thanksgiving night car crash. A source tells the magazine Woods was seen "introducing himself as the new neighbor." You know, because few would recognize one of sports' most famous faces.

A joint statement from the couple in the wake of the divorce emphasized that they wished their privacy be respected, so it is interesting that Woods would chose to take up residence in the American city that must resembles a bustling beehive (read: it's not all that private).

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I am so glad that Elin Nordegren and the children are finally free from Tiger Woods who seems to be a very troubled man with serious issues and away from his sordidness. I commend Elin for her wise decision, for being a caring and loving mother and for her great courage, dignity and class during this horrid period in her life. I applaud that Elin and the children are moving on with their life and looking forward to a bright and happy future! Elin and the children deserve the best!!!

I don't think I believe this. I have a feeling Rachel ( the unnamed source)is spreading rumors again to get media attention.

lol.......bachelor pad...ever divorced mans he living next door alex rodreguez?

NYC may be a "bustling beehive" but I've read where a lot of athletes/celebs who live there say that they like to live there because most people leave them alone and respect their privacy for the most part. That might be because New Yorkers think they are more important than they are, but that's a different discussion.

carmen sounds like the typical idiot who places herself in the lives of others.
Woods' wife chose the divorce, dragged her young kids through the mess and ignored other resolutions.
She is not to be admired, she is a baby sitter who hit the jackpot and Tiger is better off without her, her mother, or people like Carmen who make her out to be some sort of tragic figure.

Carmen, Tiger and Elin are divorced - it is over. It is time for you to move on and stop being so obsessive about Tiger and his life.

Tiger sucks

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