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Oregon State's Tyler Thomas lunged at officers while naked -- police

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tyler-thomas-naked-lunging.jpgtyler-thomas-naked-lunging.jpgIf there's a bright side to Tyler Patrick Thomas' arrest, it's that it proved he's committed to honing his craft.

The Oregon State offensive lineman was dismissed from the team after police found him intoxicated and naked in a stranger's house, according to a report from the Associated Press. When the officers demanded he get to the ground, Thomas instead assumed a three-point stance and lunged at the officers, Corvallis Police Lt. Tim Brewer said.

That's dedication.

Police subdued the 19-year-old with a stun gun and describe him as "absolutely intoxicated."

Thomas, who redshirted last year, was arrested on suspicion of criminal trespass, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

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thats funny stuff!! give him a break! we were all young once:)

Coach Russell McCarvel would not be PROUD!


The charges should have been :
- Drunk in public
- Naked in public
- Having a mullet in public.

#3 being the most serious of course.

i wonder how good it looked?

Must have been 1st and goal at the 3 yard line with Power ISO run play up the middle for him to go to a 3 point. Perhaps if it was 3rd and long, he would have stayed up in his 2 pt. "pass protection" stance and cops would have just used a swim move on him.

If he redshirted, how could he be naked

I went to high school and elementary school with him in kalispell montana, he's a year younger than i but still knew OF him most of my life.. he's slow.. rude.. and not a very good person all together. And i'm not surprised he did something like this and got arrested.

Good for him.

damn son that dudes gay and so is the cop

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