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Cleveland Cavaliers reveal new unifoms

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cavs-new-uniforms.jpgHow will the Cleveland Cavaliers make up for the loss of LeBron James, one of the most exciting players to ever dribble a basketball?

Why, with new uniforms, of course.

The new-look duds were debuted by owner Dan Gilbert last night at a tweet-up. Gilbert joked previously that they would feature the Comic Sans font. We all know that's his font of choice when he needs to pen a over-the-top, angry letter about one of his former players.

The uniforms feature a "deeper" wine and "brighter" hue, along with block lettering.

Obviously, the significant change is who will be suiting up in them.

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Danny Abcdefg had a great college career, but I don't think he has what it takes to be a star in the NBA.

dnt like the new uniforms

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