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Paul the Octopus could be in for a huge payday

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Paul the Octopus, the clairvoyant mollusk who was catapulted into the cultural zeitgeist for his uncanny ability to correctly pick the winners in eight World Cup matches, may be in for a major payday.

CNN reports that even as Sea Life, the company who owns Paul, announced that he was hanging up his prognosticating tentacles, they are still looking at a way to cash in on his fame.

Marketing experts predict that his likeness could bring in millions.

All of those brave octopi that heroically gave their lives to celebrate Red Wings' playoff goals must be seething with jealousy.

But life is not all glee under the sea for Paul. He's six months shy of being three, which is the average lifespan of an octopus.

So, if they powers-that-be hope to make good on that life-long dream of using pre-calamari into big, big profits, they'd better get moving.   

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