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John Daly and his amazing pants lead the British Open

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john-daly-pants.jpgJohn Daly, who has been known to make some interesting choices over the years, has made another one.

The 44-year-old golfer stepped onto the Old Course at St. Andrews for the first round of the British Open this morning wearing pants that, and forgive me as I grasp for words here, were amazing.

Purple collided with green and yellow. Triangles blended into curves in a psychedelic jamboree of design.

As you might suspect, Daly's trousers have created quite a stir on the Internet -- and not just in the United States and Britain. Paul Beckett of the Wall Street Journal explores the connection between the Technicolored dream pants and India.

It includes this amazing excerpt:

Yatan Ahluwalia, New Delhi-based image consultant, columnist and fashion stylist, also gave them the thumbs-down.

"While prints work on some men and can be a welcome change on the greens - these trousers take things to the extreme! Here's why: The prints are too large to be on trousers; they are better suited to be used as upholstery; the colors are far from masculine; and the print makes him look both wider and fuller. Someone with his body type ought to wear solids and small prints - that too only if he must!!"

In news that actually matters, Daly is the leader in the clubhouse after shooting a blistering 66. He should, obviously, wear his lucky pants again tomorrow.

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