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J. Walter Weatherman: 'And that's why you always wear a cup'

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Tampa Bay Rays All-Star outfielder Carl Crawford learned the hard way last night what most of us learned when we were six.

That wearing a cup on the baseball field is always a good idea.

Baltimore Orioles pitcher Jake Arrieta's pick-off throw to first base was wide and sailed into a retreating Crawford right where Crawford wished it wouldn't.

Now, before you attack my sensationalism for posting this, stop. We all know I don't have any standards.

Plus, this empirical evidence to all the youngsters out there why it's better to be safe than sorry.

Crawford, however, disagrees. Still.

He said he doesn't wear a protective cup because it's too restrictive and doesn't plan to change. "You couldn't hit it in a better spot. It just took the wind out of me," Crawford said. "Right now it's real sore, but the doctor said there was no damage. I'm guessing I'll take (Wednesday, July 21,) off."

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