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Takeru Kobayashi might sit out this year's hot dog eating contest

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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for kobayashi-hair.jpgQuestion: When is a hot dog eating contest not a hot dog eating contest?

Answer: When Takeru Kobayashi isn't taking part in it.

Just a few days out from the Nathan's event at Coney Island on July 4, the sport's most recognizable name is not a part of the field. If you're a rabid rating fan, it's a fact that's tough to swallow.

Major League Eating president Richard Shea released a statement yesterday saying that Kobayashi's contract negotiations broke down this year. The six-time winner from Japan is one half of a rivalry of titans with Joey Chestnut, an American who has won the last three years.

Now, anyone who has seen this event before knows it's about entertainment and showmanship. If this was all a publicity stunt to drum up interest, it wouldn't be all that surprising.

Think about it.

Kobayashi parachutes in moments before the contest begins with grand fanfare and proceeds to go frank-to-frank with Chestnut. That just screams freedom.

But if this is legit, and we're forced to stomach a Kobayashi-less hot dog eating contest, we all lose.

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KOBAYASHI IS AFRAID OF ME! I challenged him and the little punk folds like a yellow bellied turkey! USA! USA!

Seriously, I agree with this. Noone wants to see a Nathan's contest without Kobayashi. He obviously is not getting the freedom he deserves..
let the kid go - he could do so much more with the sport with another sponsor. Someone needs to pick him up. He is the only reason the contest became so huge until now.. surely, if he signed with even a more unknown organization, he would make them huge as well!
Someone call the kid up!! He's up for grabs now. Give him something he can chew on!

As a kind gesture Nathan’s will be donating 100 000 hot dogs to the NYC Food bank, of which I wouldn’t mind eating 2 or 3 only…

You are the man Rungy! USA! WOO!

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