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Jim Joyce's call keeps Armando Galarraga from perfect game

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In what may go down as one of the worst missed calls in baseball history, first-base umpire Jim Joyce ruled Cleveland Indians' Jason Donald safe on what looked to be the 27th out of Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga's perfect game bid.

Galarraga took a throw from first baseman Miguel Cabrera and appeared to beat Donald to the bag, but Joyce saw it differently.

Galarraga retired the next hitter on a grounder to finish the one-hitter, but it did little to take the sting out of missing out on what would have been just the 21st perfect game in Major League history.

After the game, a gaggle of Tigers, including manager Jim Leyland came out to argue with Joyce.

"I just cost that kid a perfect game," Joyce said. "I thought he beat the throw. I was c|onvinced he beat the throw, until I saw the replay."

"It was the biggest call of my career," said Joyce, who became a full-time major league umpire in 1989.

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Armando, you are a class act - that's all I can say - congratulations on a perfect game


I missed that call on purpose, i dont like the tigers

hang joyce in effigy - hell, hang him for real

Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig absolutely has to apply common sense here, and award Armando Galaragga a perfect game. Selig must use his authoritative powers and overrule the blown call by Jim Joyce

I am in shock. I was watching the game with my Dad and we were ready to go nuts and Jim Joyce makes the $hit call heard around the world...

I hope Joyce feels like a big POS because that's what he is right now! If it was close I could understand but he was out by two steps! If he knew what Tiger fans were feeling and thinking tonight he'd get NO SLEEP while he's in Detroit. I feel so bad for Galarraga. This was (and it really was) the first perfect game in Tiger history and would have been the 21st in the history of the game.

The worst call I've ever seen. I heard Joyce apologized but geez, I don't see how he could miss it. And after Jackson's awesome catch for out #2 it seemed like destiny. Now I know why they use to say "Kill the Umpire!" in the old movies. :P~

Damn shame. Damn shame.

Joyce even admitted that he blew the call after seeing the replay in an interview on 97.1 FM (Detroit area). He seemed really shaken by it.

I really think Selig should correct this mistake.

It's 2010. how is there no instant replay in all sports?

I think that Jim Joyce should take a cue from Japanese Prime Minister Hatoyama and resign for reasons of malfeasance of office. Hari Kari would not bother me much either.

He went to Bowling Green!!! Does anyone else think he may be a little biased?

What a SHAME!!… you honestly have to see it to believe it.. First time I saw it, I was like… no way, and the replay… confirmed it. I’m honestly surprised buddy didn’t get beat down hard… check out the HD video of the blown call here:
Honestly, I am still giving him the perfect game, Congrats Gallaraga… now Selig NEEDS to overrule the call and award it!!!!

This should be reversed..

Worse than some of the blown calls during the World Series Last Year

... Its a shame this record lifetime achievement
and players excitement will never be realized as the other two this year.. DAMN SHAME.



The fact that ump was willing to come out and man up to his mistakes doesnt stop what happened, but i do give him credit for that becuase most umpires wouldnt have done that. Bottom line is that kid got robbed of a perfect game and handled it with more grace then i would have so i tip my cap to him.

There is something else behind that call !!!!! Joyce needs to hang'em up !!

Even if the commish reverses the call, it can't replace the jubilation and celebration that rightfully should have taken place. Armando G is a classy guy who took it all in stride. The least baseball's kingpins can do is give the pitcher the credit for the perfect game, which he does deserve. No action by baseball's front office will cost the sport the support of countless fans.

Joyce sincerly apologized...great! The problem is that he was more than willing and ready to be the story last night. Ozzie Guillen is right(can't believe I typed that)...People dont come to see umpires, ump. As soon as he made the call he looked Gallaraga straight in the eye. With all the bravado in the world he was saying that's right, "I made the call that everyone else would have backed down from." He was willing to replace the name Gallagra and Jackson in today's papers with the name Joyce. He did. He got it wrong! Not one Clevland player would have argued the call even if he got it wrong. He couldn't and he is getting what he asked for. Umpires need to lose their egos and know thier role. Period! That is the origin of the problem. AND why don't we have replay in 2010?

Fit for duty.

Maybe if the MLB umpires weren’t a 100 lbs. over weight, they could run into position or bend at the waist after 8 innings of baseball to make the correct call.

Or maybe they didn’t want a non-American to get one of sports greatest records of achievement.

This will certainly continue to empty the ball parks of even more fans.

Baseballs antiquated prima donna umpires need to have dog leashes put on them, which video replay can do. All pro sports have it now, football, hockey, basketball etc. MLB doesn’t want this because it will show how often and badly they make the wrong calls.

The commissioner still thinks of umpires as his god given decibels and can do no wrong, why else won’t he reverse this injustice and give the man his rightful place in history…

Well we have two gentleman the ump and the pitcher,makes me glad I watch baseball,

"God given decibels?"

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