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Algeria's Rafik Saifi slaps female reporter after loss to U.S. in World Cup

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South Africa Algeria WCup S.jpg

Algeria's soccer players Rafik Saifi, right, and Rafik Djebbour, practice Friday in Durban, South Africa. (AP)

The match against the United States and Algeria was great World Cup soccer, a tension-filled affair that eventually went the way of the USA.

On the line for both countries was a trip to the next round, so it's understandable that the losing Algeria squad be disappointed with the trip home. But slapping a female reporter to take out your aggression?

According to a report at Yahoo! Sports, that's exactly what Algerian player Rafik Saifi did during post-game interviews. Asma Salifi, a female reporter for the Algerian newspaper Competition, says she was standing in the interview area when Saifi walked by and, apparently unprovoked, reached out and hit her.

"I said nothing to him and he reached over and hit me," Halimi said to Yahoo! Sports. "So I hit him back. I said nothing to him first."

The incident, which reportedly happened in front of dozens of media witnesses, concluded when Salifi smacked the player in the mouth, at which point he hurled a sports drink bottle against the wall and left.

The Algerian team offered no official response to the attack.

Halimi says she plans to file a formal complaint with FIFA.

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Atta girl!

that bastard is always like that doing nothing then slapping a girl what a shame , that's the price of stupidity .

What a punk. You should have tried to slap me when I was drilling that game winner!

When a woman slaps a man, she usually is not punished at all.

What about gender equality?

Women use to slap men, and they are not punished at all.

The picture has it wrong...the guy on the left is the Saifi.
and thats pretty low to do that :/

rafiq saifi is the one on the left. his an ediot

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