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Win McMurry has a problem while reporting on Tiger Woods' bulging disc

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Golf Channel reporter Win McMurry joined the legions of newscasters to find themselves on the all-time blooper reel yesterday when a slip of the tongue turned "bulging disc" into something far more risque.

For those of you who can't read between the lines, she replaced the "s" in disc with a "c".

The slip-up came after Tiger Woods withdrew from The Players Championship in the final round with sore upper-back. McMurry quickly corrected herself, but, these things being what they are, it was too late for any graceful save.

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El Tigre says the injury was not from the Escalade crash. Probably not. It most likely resulted from regularly repeating some of those Kama sutra positions. The result is another similar word - Karma.

I have never heard of Tiger pulling out of anything.

That's what she said!!!! Boing!

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