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Video: Canucks' Sami Salo takes a Duncan Keith slapshot to the groin

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The Vancouver Canucks' Game 5 win is most likely little consolation to defenseman Sami Salo, who was forced to leave the game after taking a slapshot from the Blackhawks' Duncan Keith to the groin.

The Canucks offered no report on the extent of his injury, although some outlets reported that he had suffered a ruptured testicle. That, apparently, is erroneous, according to Sun-Times' Blackhawks reporter Adam Jahns.

Salo was rushed to the hospital after a prolonged period where he was unable to get up on the ice.

Coach Alain Vigneault promised a more thorough update today, although the prevailing thought is that he won't be in the rotation for Tuesday night's Game 6 in Vancouver.

If it's any consolation to Salo, 1,183 people currently "like" a Facebook group called "Sami Salo's Ruptured Testicle."

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1 Comment

If I ever needed a reason not to play in my hometown women's hockey league..... this video is it!!

... That puck would've gone straight up a girl's Va J J!! LOL

Linda S.

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