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The impenetrable mystery of Lawrence Taylor's black button-up shirts

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Former sack machine Lawrence Taylor renewed his running-into-trouble-with-the-law hobby this week when he was charged with third-degree rape and patronizing a prostitute after "contact" with a 16-year-old.

This is yet another sad chapter in a life in the public eye mired by repeated embarrassments.

But the thing I'm most amazed with is that LT seems to be wearing the same black button-up shirt everytime he gets in hot water.

Here he is this week:

lawrence-taylor-shirt1.JPGIt's an understated, mildly shiny selection suitable for a wide range of activities. Golf. The club. Autograph sessions.

And it sure looks like the same top he was wearing in this 2009 booking photo.

lawrence-taylor-shirt2.JPGMaybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's not the same black button-up. Maybe, like in "Seinfeld," he has an entire closet full of similar shirts. Either way, if this is his lucky black garment, he might want to reconsider just how lucky it is.

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1 Comment

Lawrence Taylor is talking to friends about this--bad move! What he is saying is supposed to be on the show "Issues" tonight--NFL guest will supposedly comment too.

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