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Ron Artest and Me: Just a couple gym rats

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Sports Pros(e) Legend

There were two live roosters tooling around a patch of grass near my car this morning. I live in an area of Los Angeles where one expects to see small, groomed dogs and the occasional squirrel, but farm animals? Nah ...

Interestingly, the chicken encounter wasn't the strangest moment of my day. That distinction came when my fellow Sports Pros(e) co-creator sent me a link to a TMZ post that depicted a smiling Ron Artest, hours after beating the Suns on a last-second shot, at the same gym I frequent nearly every day of my life.

The first time I saw Ron Artest working out at the club, I had two thoughts: My first was, What is he doing here? My second was, Wow ... what a dedicated athlete.

ron-artest-gym.jpgThe particular gym Artest frequents is in a nondescript part of LA off the 405 and well out of the limelight. In LA, you're expected to be unimpressed by celebrities. The more unimpressed by the presence of a celebrity, the cooler it makes you. Naturally, Artest goes widely ignored when he's at the gym -- save for the occasional opportunist who bugs him for a photo and then schleps it to TMZ.

Artest is not the only celebrity member at this particular gym, and he's definitely not the biggest name to ever utilize its hamstring machine. While it's definitely not the most baller gym in LA, it's certainly several tiers above Bally's. But still ... why there? Don't the Lakers have, in the deep recesses of the Staples Center, a workout facility fit for a ... well, Black Mamba, perhaps?

That said, it's not an ideal setting to work out for him. Everyone's ignoring him, and at the same time everyone knows exactly what he's up to. Same goes for any celebrity at the gym.   There's a certain natural curiosity that comes with working out in the presence of a celebrity. What exercises are they doing that I'm not? How many reps?  Am I staring? God, I hope he/she doesn't catch me staring!

I can't give specifics about Artest's regimen at the club, but I can say I've never felt like less of an athlete in a gym setting than when I've found myself working out in his presence.

To my second initial thought -- there's obviously a reason he works out at a public gym where anyone with a modicum of disposable income can walk up and harass him. Maybe he likes feeling normal. Maybe, like me, he's a fan of the complementary toiletries available in the locker rooms.

Or maybe he thought it was one place in the city where he didn't have to worry about making news for no good reason.

Speaking of the TMZ post, I have to say it was probably my first "We're not in Kansas anymore" moment since moving to LA from Chicago in April. When you live in the Midwest, the stuff on TMZ might as well take place on Jupiter. That's how strange and otherworldly some of that stuff is. But suddenly, there was the ab machine I use nearly everyday. There were the barbells I use, the pictures of the trainers on the wall -- all serving as the backdrop for celebrity pseudo-news.

I've been around world-class athletes in clubhouses, dressing rooms and locker rooms in a reporter capacity and it was never extraordinary because they were in their element. But seeing Ron Artest at the gym will probably always throw me off a little.

Sort of like bumping into a couple of roosters on the way to your car.

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K. Allen ---- WELCOME BACK!! The Sports Pros(e) has been struggling without you. K. Koster & I have been emailing back & forth and both have missed you a lot!!!

.... I'm a bit disappointed that this is what brought you back. I mean, number 1 it's Ron Artest. Who cares. He nearly lost the damn game by missing a 3 pointer instead of running out the clock. He was lucky that J. Richardson couldn't block him out to catch K. Bryant's airball.

Number 2. The blog is about a dude that goes to the same gym as you. So what? I shop at the same Jewel and frequent the same Blockbuster Video as FOX 32's C. McPherrin but I'm not scribbing B.S. all over the world wide web because perhaps we by the same brand of Kraft singles or enjoy the latest releases on Blu-Ray.

Try, try again (and don't steal ideas from Deadspin like K. Koster)!

Enjoy L. Angeles!!

Linda S.

Dude. I don't care what Linda S. has to say. I will always be interested in your cock stories.

Hey K. Allen - Did you and R. Artest go clubbing or something? is reporting that he was late to practice the next day! LOL

Let's take a look:

Linda S.

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