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Justin Bieber gets foul ball at White Sox-Royals game

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Pop sensation Justin Bieber was on hand for the White Sox game Monday night, where he threw out the first pitch to Mark Buehrle as young girls went crazy and adult males tried to figure out who he is.

Then, in the third inning, it got really weird.

Sox first baseman Paul Konerko fouled a ball off into Bieber's suite, which the singer was able to corral on the bounce.

This is something that actually happened.

He then gave the ball to a fan and went about his business, which is apparently living a charmed life.

Seriously, the 16-year-old just became the youngest male solo artist to top the Billboard album charts since Stevie Wonder. Then, a rogue appearance at a baseball game nets a foul ball -- something a lifelong fan might never get to experience.

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That is really weird. He is so lucky. Nothing else to say.

WOW! I just came home from the game, and looked it up and saw this article. I am the person he gave the foul ball up to. I saw it coming towards us so i jumped up and tried to catch it and it ended up going into his suite and he ended up giving me the ball and signing it for me! It ended up being a really great night! Thanks Justin!


I was sitting right below him with 3 of my friends, we were the first to notice him there! My friend tipped the ball up into the suite, then justin gave him the ball and signed it for him! Much respect earned for him, small talked with him for a few until others noticed him and he left in the 5th or 6th inning. Before he left he fist bumped us though, pretty sweet experience! And the Sox won!!!

amazing with what was done by my favorite singer, was unthinkable in my mind if justin can do that, and there may be other young artists who want to follow in his footsteps again ....??? I always support (JB), because I really idolized JB, I love you JUSTIN.

WOW! I just read this article and saw all the troll comments. Way to go guys, OHDIDYOUKNOW?!?!? JUSTIN BIEBER GAVE ME THE BALL! YES, ME!

i think he need to work at his curveball but he look so cute ohh justin You're adorable!

how can someone be that lucky?


.... but what was he doing at a White Stocking game?? The kid obviously doesn't know Chicago - NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE TRASH ON THE SOUTHSIDE! LOL

C'mon over to Addison & Clark next time you want to go to an event that matters, J. Bieber!

Linda S.

It's amazing on what passes as being newsworthy these days.

Hey Linda S, J Bieber is a winner. That's why he was at the Cell. Cubs fans are born losers and they will die losers and JB knows better. Enjoy another cursed year. 1908! Long live Steve Bartman! Thank for coming JB!

ily jb sooo much and im so happy for all your success. im a supporter not a hater and hope to meet you one day...but until know i will keep dreaming..haha

loveloveLOVE, allie

dont hate, appreciate;)

I think he was on the south side because he didn't want to get hit on by older men.LOL World's largest gay-bar but it's all good. LOL I don't even know why I'm commenting on Justin Bieber but I figured a immature Cubs fan would eventually peak out of the cracks, so I'll be immature back. Also he was here because the best music in Chicago is on the South side.

Whoa. I just came across this. I am actually the fellow he gave the ball to, not these other folks claiming to be me. He handed the ball to me. I was very happy. Again, I am the one he gave the ball to, not those other posers.

And event that matters on Addison & Clark? There hasn't been anything that matters happening there in over 100 years. That's pretty funny Linda S.

that lucky little bastard. he doesnt even follow baseball probaly. i mean come on . he meets mark bhurele and gets a foul ball from paul konerko. 2 of the greatest players in baseball. probaly never knew about them till now.

P.S. will people stop lying that he gave the ball to you. my ass people

esto es genila es uno de mis grandes artistas ademas de que siempre se ve guapisimo

Wow that dude is a failure at life. never thought i'd see him him suck at something more than singing. Well i guess everyone's wrong once in a while.

very good justin bieber

Omg Today i went to the White Soxs Game with my cousin and it was a lot of fun and Omg I Love The White Soxs and I Love Justin Bieber Omg he is such a Cuttie Omg I Love Him he's my Sweet Angel. =)

Alex Rittel tells the truth, he has the ball all up on his facebook. Haha. I am his cousin by the way.

Justin caught another pair of balls later that night!!

I wanted to say something negative about the teenie bop singer... but I remember making fun of Justin Timberlake when he was in Nsync, and my daughter was in third grade. Good for Justin, and his fans.

Hey JB, thanks for the ball! I am so glad I get to live off of your fame! It's a lot easier than actually doing something with my time the way you have.

hey when can you come to my house

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