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Floyd Mayweather beats Shane Mosley easily; Is Pacquiao next?

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mayweather-mosely.jpgBoxing superstar Floyd Mayweather Jr. ran his career record to 41-0 with an unanimous decision over Shane Mosley last night in Las Vegas.

After the second round -- in which he came perilously close to what would have been a stunning defeat -- he won every minute of every round, making it an easy decision for the judges.

How lopsided was it?

Ringside punch statistics were as one-sided as the scorecards. They showed Mayweather landing 208 of 477 punches to 92 of 452 for Mosley.
The victory sets the stage yet again for a Mayweather-Pacquiao bout, which was close to happening before it fell apart over disagreement about drug testing. After winning, Mayweather reiterated his desire for this mega match to happen, provided Pacquiao submit to drug testing the day of the fight.

Mayweather won a promised $22.5 million for his efforts and will probably take home much, much more once the revenue from the pay-per-view audience is taken in to account.

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Floyd beat that old guy sugar ass......dats wut im talkin bout

Do you honestly think Manny Pacquiao stands a chance against Floyd Mayweather? I think not...

The only reason Pacquiao would even want to fight Mayweather would be for the payday. Pacquiao would be utterly embarrassed and destroyed even worse that Mayweather was.

IF pacquio wants to shut everybody up to be the renouned pound for pound king he has to beat the best an thats Mayweather i dont care if people dont like him it's his boxing they should watch not his mouth the man jusyt knows how to talk up a fight and put it into practice manny has no choice he wil always be in floyds shadow.

Ugga ards an dem don't do day dum de dumb doo.

That was not the same Mosley you saw last night. He was an aging Mosley who did not fight for a year. He was vey nervous and never got into the fight. I could have beaten mosley if that's all he's got and i'm 57 yrs. old. Pacquiao is quick, throws a lot of hard punches with both hands and is never fights scared. He will take floyd down anytime, anywhere. Although i liked that floyd did not run last night and stood toe to toe with shane. That shows he does not have to run to win. It's the first time i enjoyed his skills. If he fights that way with Pacquiao, It will be the Greatest Fight ever. Let's get it on.

the fight is still boring.

Some has to come in and beat Mayweather!! but right now he is doing his thing

FanHouse: Can you break down the differences between the effectiveness of drug-detection between urinalysis and blood-testing?

Travis Tygart: There's a host of significant and potent performance enhancing drugs that only blood will detect. Those include human growth hormone [HGH]; HBOC -- and that is synthetic hemoglobin; transfusions; certain forms of EPO, such as Mircera, which is essentially a designer EPO.

So those are a few of the specific drugs. There is also a different technique, which is known as parameter testing, which is done by the blood, or biological passport testing. Essentially, what it does is that it does not detect a specific drug like HGH.

But it looks at a host of parameters or biological markers that are natural to everyone's body. And over time -- if you look at those for an individual -- over time, you can see variability or fluctuations in those naturally occurring markers that we all have.

And if you see fluctuations to a certain degree, you can conclusively determine that those fluctuations were caused by nothing other than drug use, and certain categories of drug use. Not necessarily a specific drug, but categories of drug use.

I think that it's fair to say that there are several, very potent, performance enhancing drugs that only blood can detect, and there is an entirely different method of detecting broader categories of drug use through parameter testing that is done with the blood.

Why not urinalysis 30 minutes before the bout?
Blood test 5 minutes after the bout. A Pilipina nurse or Pilipina lady doctor to extract blood from Manny Pacquiao.

Mayweather is obviously scared of Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. He has to make new rules so that it will not be him backing out in a fight. He is like a scared 10 year old kid who ask the other kid to get written permission first from his parents before they will brawl. So forget about them fighting each other, Floyd is KFC chicken.

Manny would beat this chump easily. Why is it that Mayweather needs Manny to do this blood testing BEFORE the fight? There is no need for that. He just wants to be a cheater cuz he's scared to fight Manny fairly. Manny agreed to give blood 5 days BEFORE the fight and as soon as the fight ends (meaning right when they get into the locker room he gives blood) If he is to be taking ANY drug, a drug cannot dissolve that quickly, Mayweather is scared, everything always needs to be done HIS way and no other way. Manny is on NO drug, he has tested negative for drugs. Manny also does not want to be drawing blood b4 the fight b/c it would weaken him (cuz of a fight where he drew blood BEFORE the fight and LOST). People that Floyd beat, Manny beat quicker and more effectively (Hatton and De La Hoya for example) and Manny only gets better as fights go by. Scared Mayweather, that's all...

All I'm going to say is, Pacman gave an offer to give blood right after the fight in the locker room. If he is using anything, it will surely get detected right there and then. But Mayweather still refused to give in. Why? There are many different factors why he didn't give in;
- Pride
- Ego
- Possibly scared to fight Manny
- He knows of the mind sike of Pacman has over of getting blood drawn a day prior to the fight. Remember people, your mind is a very strong thing, if Pacman truly believes it gets him weak and then we will truly feel that.

If anyone wants to counter argue my statements please don't pull shit out of your ass and use a legitimate argument.

Really? Pac backed out on the fight, really? You might want to get your facts straight before you write rubbish for people to read. Let me spell it out for you writer. Both failed to compromise.

For Kevin Connolly to say that Pac will always be in Floyd's shadow is really dumb. The dude is a P#P the best right now, so it doesn't even matter if Floyd had knocked out Shane, he still has to beat Pacquiao, period.

Both of these guys need to come up with a better compromise, so that the fight will materialize. However, for a man to say that Pacquiao is one dimentional, easy pay day and all that rubbish he sure did change his tone by using the testing as his weapon, and Floyd will almost guarantee ask for the bigger piece of the pie so that there will be no fight at all. Naive Mayweather fans don't see this because they can't differentiate from facts to opinion. Pactards as well, but in my opinion Pacquiao can retire now and still be a legend compare to Mayweather, unless Mayweather moves up to 160lbers and beat top opponents.

Lastly, in my opinion, the fight last night was fixed. It's amazing how Mosley almost destroyed Mayweather, and after the hugs and chit chat, the fight changed. Mosley took a dive on this one, and I'm not sure how much was the bribe, but I'm sure it's pretty darn big. Every Larry Merchant was baffled by the outcome after the second round. Mayweather promotion and the golden boy promotion did a good job fixing this fight, so that May can retake the P#P crown, but too bad because May still has to beat Pac to get that crown back.

Wise thinking for Mosley... I can't blame him
If Pacquiao thrown 1300 punches with Clottey and People say it was boring and here Mayweather has only thrown 477 punches, I can imagine this fight was just like cat and mouse chasing each other. I did not see it but I can tell that it was boring.
No Knockdown
Nothing at all
Glad I save my 60 bucks

Well,for sure "Money Mayweather" always the winner for older and slow puncher boxer,but how about Manny? Why don't you try this guy?

Ya'll Dumb id you thimk Pac man can beat mayweather...I bet most if not all who say this are White anyway floyd is the best! Bitch

Pacquiao would crush Mayweather. Mayweather has problems against high volume punchers, and south paw fighters. Which means he would also lose to Paul Williams.

Pacman would destroy mayweather or gayweather.why do you think he put the drug tests in between him and pacquiao? That explain gayweather is scared.throughiut the mayweather vs mosley fight,gayweather kept clinching like a female dog (bitch).watch him k.o. Gayweather when they fight or if they fight.

yea mayweather so scared of mosley and look what happen and he so scared of pacquiao but he might fight martinez at 160 if the pacquiao fight dosnt happen...mayweather cant even make 160 lol but he willing to fight him there if the money right he said so i dont think he scared at all but if he not willing to show hes clean he dosnt care to fight him he will move on to bigger fights and other fighters who can show their clean but i think nevada commission will change their testing since it such a huge money fight and they know mayweather will not change his stance

I was shocked by Mayweather's performance against Mosley. Mosley gave Mayweather some good shots in Rd. 2, but that was it. Mayweather was able to neutralize Mosley's attack. I was also impressed how Mayweather didn't run away like a KFC chicken, but stuck toe to toe with Sugar Shane. I'm having second thoughts on how Pacquiao can defeat Mayweather now. Mayweather is a fast counter puncher & very smart fighter. It would take more than offense to defeat Money Mayweather. We all know Pacquiao is clean and drop those stupid blood tests the night before the fight and just stick with the urine tests. Even I hate needles and blood being extracted from my body. Make the mega fight happen damn it so all critics will shut their mouths when it's all said & done.

Hug Balls Charles, Mayweather will soon to be whipping Manny's ass. If it's that serious and a point needs to be made, damnit take the test and Let's get ready to RUMBLE.......

I say Mayweather blows half the money betting on NFL preseason games.

okay let me tell you something here. Floyd is the best. I fought him as a kid in the Michigan golden gloves semi finals. he is a stud. he wont be beat. he has a warrior heart and if you haven't noticed he toys his opponents. he picks the style of the fight and they follow. he picks the pace and they follow. he is a terrible person with the way he acts but that's a show. i know him well or knew him well before the fame hit as we grew up in the same circle. roger beat a women and tried to kill her because he left her. those who say that floyd isn't street tough are wrong. yes grand rapids isn't the hood but he was raised by the hood. floyd is a prodigy considering who brought him up. he has stayed clean, no trouble and self made that is his own doing and an amazing accomplishment. most with his family would be in prison. people don't like him because he fights a defensive bout but like he says its self preservation. i before you. he does not care about an amazing knock out show. he cares about being the best and he is the best. he doesn't need to knock people out or put himself in a position to be knocked out. manny is a chump a big chump. he fights and has fought nobody. floyd beats everyone and people make excuses. mosley was to old thats why he lost. did you forget that mayweather begged mosley for a fight 8 years ago when mosely was in his prime, mosely wouldn't take it. now he takes it cause he needs the fame and the money that floyd brought him even if it was at the expense of an embarrassing tail whooping. floyd is the best and will go unbeaten. he will destroy minni manny and that's that. floyd wants a drug test and people think that's balking. crazy. if you were going into the ring as the pound for pound king wouldn't you want to ensure you were on an even playing field. people mistake miny mannys talent for the juice that makes him go. he is a loser and floyd will destroy him, that is if manny will get off the juice long enough for floyd to get a shot or many shots at him.


CPT, that is probably the dumbest thing i have ever heard an individual say. mosely was gassed. he got in 2 punches in a boxing match and you think that crowned him as the winner. it was round 2. round 1 was a tie, round 2 mosley got in a couple nice shots in a contact sport, floyd laughed it off came out and whopped his tail. if golden boy were to fix anything it would be the other way as mosely is a fighter for golden boy and floyd is not. seeing as how everyone in boxing including Oscar and golden boy hates mayweather they would want nothing more than to see him fall. your an idiot and the type that keeps floyd going and keeps floyd the best. floyd is the best. manny has 3 losses. not 1 not 2 but 3
he failed 3 times in an equal amount of bouts as floyds undefeated record. Don't speak unless spoken to moron.

The fight was a waste of money & I’ll never pay to see those 2 fight AGAIN!!! The only fight the boxing world wants to see is Pacquiao & Mayweather

Floyd showed everyone why he is the best last night, the guy is a throw back of the great fighters of the past. He would be a champion in any era and is the greatest fighter in the past 15 years if not top 10 ever. Hats off to Pacman for what he has done the past 2 to 3 years, you never know what happens until they fight. I watched the fight and one thing concerns me that I believe no one caught but unless I was hallucinating here is what I am wondering. "what did Leonard Ellebe put in floyds mouth as they got ready to walk out of dressing room down the gauntlet to the ring? If you watch the tape, you will see that floyd turns and ellerbe puts something in his mouth(could have been his mouthpiece) and as Floyd walks through the hallway it appeared to me that he was clearly letting whatever dissolve(could have been breaking in mouthpiece?).. watch the tape and you will notice something in his facial expressions. Now it could have been a tic tac and believe me, I had a couple drinks, did anyone else see that? Other than that Floyd got crushed with mosleys best punches and as a true champion adjusted and beat mosleys backside for 10 of 12 rounds.

First of yall floyd mayweather is da best. He's unstoppable. He thinks outside tht box. Not just anybody can box. Yeh u may b the bigger and stronger opponent but the smarter opponent alwyz winz.

Hello!!! This will some this up a great assessment pacqiaou is a great fighter he's fast strong & willing to give it his all he has a great team but how ever he has never faced a guy like mayweather also cuz he's fast strong & has skill like no other out there so that's the difference skill he will nullify pacqiaos talent againt him Freddie roach says they have to have a perfect game plan to beat Floyd well u can't have a game plan for mayweather cuz he can change up the tempo as he goes nannies 1way he will leave his self open to be popped & dropped I promise u Floyd will destroy him they're trying to make it kook like floyds avoiding him but they are avoiding Floyd do ur research from the beginning of the negotiations Floyd wanted testing it was nothing new at all Freddie puts all his guys on the juice James Tony Micheal moorer & others & every1 pacqiaous fought has had to sucome to losing serious pounds to fight p4p champ so he comes in strong & fresh they come in sick & mentally defeated it's all a game Freddie plays now he's in a chess match with a true player they say fuck it hmmm how u like them apples!!!! Nothing but the truth

Manny couldn't beat Shane, let alone Floyd. He needs to get that money Floyd is offering him and step up to the plate! Oscar was slow, Hatton was slow, Cotto was slow, come on, are you kidding me? He has no chance at all against Floyd! But, it;s good for boxing...

Manny couldn't beat Shane, let alone Floyd. He needs to get that money Floyd is offering him and step up to the plate! Oscar was slow, Hatton was slow, Cotto was slow, come on, are you kidding me? He has no chance at all against Floyd! But, it;s good for boxing...

Like it or not Mayweather proved his point. This was not the Mosley that beat Margarito. That Mosley
was a tireless beast of a man (reminiscent of Paquiao). I told my friend when asked to pick the winner of Mosley and Mayweather and I said "With or wihout drug testing". He asked me what I meant. The Mosley we will see against Mayweather will be the REAL 38 year old fighter he should be, not the superhuman fighter of a year ago.
Sure enough that is the fighter we saw, tired, shot, not the same man. The drug testing made all the difference in the world and everyone saw it clear as day. Fighters age that is just an undeniable truth, although Im still not so sure Mayweather could have beat Mosley in his prime.

The same holds true for Pacquiao vs Mayweather. "With or without drug testing" Two different worlds.
Will we see the human pacquiao who fought morales,barrera, marquez to 12 decisons or will we see the super human pacquiao who destroys bigger stronger fighters, without a hint of fatigue or damage. If
Pacquiao agrees to drug testing he will become human and get stomped by the best pound for pound fighter in the world just like mosley did. Without blood testing Manny will throw a 1000 punches and could possibly beat Klitchsko, just joking.

Mayweather is the best,Manny can't see Mosley!

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