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Chi Chi Rodriguez and wife tied up, robbed

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Chi Chi Rodriguez, arguably the golfer with the most panache ever, was robbed of property worth about $500,000 at his Puerto Rico home this morning.

The 74-year-old Rodriguez and his wife were awoken by masked men around 1:45 a.m. and tied up inside their apartment, according to Maria Morales, the golfer's publicist.

The couple was not hurt, but "a little shaken up."

Rodriguez is known for his post-putt celebrations and showmanship. He won eight PGA tournaments and 22 senior tour events.

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This is absolutely horrendous. He is my uncle and I am overseas fighting the war. I can only imagine what they must have felt through that experience. I wish the best for him and Iwalani.

Thank you

You left out the part about their Security Guard being tied up first, and that Chi Chi remarked how wonderfully polite these robbers were as they took 45 minutes to rob him, including the wedding ring off of his wifes finger. Seems to me it could be an inside job with a Security Guard going down that easily, and robbers taking that much time at a comfortable pace and sense to it all. I'd suggest Lie Detector Tests for the Guard and Chi Chi and then either eliminate or probe further.

After what got exposed about the PGA and its not so honest players from the Tiger expose, I have a hard time believing any of them on the surface, no matter their Era, until all the facts are looked into. No more blind following just because someone can do something in a sport. Hook them both up and see what the results are---then go from there.

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