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The new Nike commercial featuring Tiger Woods and his father

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Nike is airing a commercial starring Tiger Woods just 24 hours before the golfer returns to competitive play at the Masters.

It features a stoic Woods in black-and-white video while the voice of his late father, Earl, talks about responsibility.

I don't really get it. Maybe you do.

Nike, which was one of the sponsors to stick by Tiger through his scandal, obviously had to re-establish its relationship with its spokesman somehow. Realistically, the first ad back was going to be awkward no matter how it was done.

There's no denying its artistic quality, but it doesn't make me want to buy Nike products.

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Not all ads are product or promotionally orientated, I don't think Nike was trying to get you to buy more of their products but reinvent an institutional and corporate image that might have been tarnished by Tiger's recent actions. So later, when you do see another Nike commercial, it will make you buy Nike products.

Q: How much did the advertiser pay you to post this video?
A: Nothing.

Q: How many times did you mention the advertiser's name?
A: Five Times

Q: What's the purpose of the ad?
A: Re-establish cred.

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