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Study suggests the Cleveland Indians are most disliked team in baseball

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cleveland-indians-hate.jpgWho is the most hated team in baseball?

It's the Yankees, right? It has to be the Yankees, what with their success, their smugness, their feeling that the Bronx is the epicenter of the universe.

Wrong, at least according a new algorithm created by Nielson Co. to determine just which teams people love to hate.

Nielson's results suggest that the Cleveand Indians -- yes, the Indians -- are the least liked team in baseball. The Yankees come in as the fifth-most hated and the White Sox as the seventh-most loathed.

The mathematical formula uses keywords to discover whether people have positive, negative or neutral reactions to different brands and products. These results seem a little dubious. I didn't know there was such public disdain for Cleveland.

At the other end of the spectrum, the San Francisco Giants and Oakland Athletics ranked as the most beloved teams.

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least liked != most hated

Hence, that's why the Yankees weren't picked. :-)

How is it figured Giants and A's most beloved.. this is a pretty dumb ratings..

How is it figured the Giants and A's are most beloved...How was this figured a real dumb rating...not at all accurate . NO WAY !

It makes you question all of their TV ratings as well. I mean, this study just shows how disappointed fans are in a team THIS YEAR. It isn't a poll of fans and it probably takes into account actual fans talking bad about their team because they are disappointed in their .500 record so far this year with $150 million on the payroll (See: Red Sox, Boston). It's a useless algorithm that shouldn't be reported.

The Tribe came in as the most disrespected club; is how this - SHOULD - have been phrased, AND that is an understatement after what we had in '95 and '97. Letting go of one of; if not THE best catchers in the game. Then letting two of the top hurlers leave; not to mention; let: miricle man: John Hart go elsewhere! He was a LOT of the reason for the Indians success, if not all! If you have been an Indians fan as long as most of us, you're used to it!!! Gooooooooo

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