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Strikeforce brawl erupts during Gus Johnson interview

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The most entertaining part of Strikeforce Nashville, that nationally-televised jamboree of mixed martial arts that invaded CBS last night, may have been this post-match brawl that erupted during a Gus Johnson interview.

That's Jason "Mayhem" Miller requesting a rematch with Jake Shields before the scrum broke out.

Johnson blamed the incident on "testosterone." I blame it on Johnson's ability to get people worked up to a fevered pitch whenever he speaks.

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The Strikeforce Brawl may have created some real excitement in the uniform but it’s nothing that CBS can be proud of what they behaved like animals. Strikeforce Brawl

The whole evnt was a sad display of MMA. As far as title fights go the most exciting thing was Henderson knocking Shields nearly cold in the first 30 seconds of round one. Shields showed good technical skill but when he mounted Henderson you could see that he was doing little to no damage. Shields lacks the Ability to finish a fight with his hands. As for Miller's comments, people say rude things to eachother post fight all the time without brawls. If you watch the replay Shields shoving Miller and then Shields entourage punching and kicking Miller is what was disgusting.

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